A Night Of Cultural Heritage Of The Kogi People On The Plateau Powered by NAKOSS University Of Jos Chapter || 28th April 2018

The National Association Of Kogi State Students University Of Jos Chapter is celebrating it’s culture and heritage on the plateau on the 28th of April 2018.
Activities to be featured in the celebration includes Mr and Miss Kogi beauty pageant which will be rounded up with a befitting dinner for it’s entire students, well wishers and other invited guests .

In an interview with the out going president of the association in person of Samuel Adejo on the statistics and Kogi students entirety in University Of Jos he said

University of Jos is endowed with about twenty thousand students amongst which Kogi State students account for about five thousand of the university gross population, making it the third largest group in the university.

The key state Students associate with thelr various departmental association and on a larger ground with the various Kogi State tribes association; Igala Students Association (ISA), National Association of Okun Students (NAGS), and National Association of Ebrra Students (NAES). Although, in a more unified body with National Association ot Kogi State Students (NAKOSS). In university of Jos chapter, It operates as an umbrella association ensuring that the Indigenes of the Geopolitical Zones of Kogi State function.

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