Plateau State Pdp Vehemently Rejects Local Governments Election Results As Announce By PLASIEC Headquarters

Chairman Of the PDP in plateau state, Damishi Sango while addressing journalists in his office described the results of the local government elections which claims that APC won eleven out of the 13 local government areas in which elections where held on Wednesday 10th Oct. 2018 with Langtang north and Mangu declared inconclusive due to supposed “Irregularities”. He described the process as fraudulent and fake collation by the Plateau States Electoral Commission (PLASEIC) in collaboration with the All Progressive People’s Party(APC). According to him, the PDP won in all the local governments except in kanam local government area.

He admonishes all plateau people and general supporters of the PDP to please disregard this results and their doing their best to ensure that the real results which reflects the voice of the people comes forth.

One key observation is the absence of any figures or numbers in the results supposedly announced by PLASEIC.

We encourage everyone to keep calm and we shall be reporting as the story unfolds.

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