Video : “We Need A Governor Who Knows What He Is Doing” Says A Vibrant Youth During PDP’s Flag Off In Plateau.

During the flag off campaign of PdP governorship election, a vibrant youth was interviewed and shared his view about the current governance in the state and how urgently the state needs change because the incumbent governor appears to be clueless in governance.

He said

I am a plateau son that is concerned about change and is uncomfortable with the happenings in the state, that requires change and change urgently, i’m not comfortable that the present governor does not have an agenda, he has to run to Abuja to a Daura man who appears to be  very close to cluelessnes to get a blue print for plateau state and i feel plateau state blue print should be generated from plateau not from Abuja. I am not the one that said it, if you go to the archives you’ll find where the present governor said when i was elected, i didn’t know what to do so I NEED A GOVERNOR THAT KNOWS WHAT TO DO.

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