Elmore Gets A Yes After A Police Arrest Prank Proposal To Girlfriend Namzena

Popping out the big question to your dream partner  remains one of the most anticipated and exciting moments to the millennial couple as new and exciting strategies come into play everyday

Beat Embassy Dynasty CEO/Produce Elmore Hodus had it locked yesterday, the 10th may 2019

Nanzema’s spirit almost went out of her body when she was confronted by police officers, arrested with no charges


In fear and tension, She was driven in a police van to a certain house where the lover “Elmore” came out and said “You have been arrested for stealing my heart” bringing out the proposal ring.

What a moment isn’t it?

Tears dropped down Nanzema’s eyes as she accepted the proposal to be with her long time lover for the rest of her life

Congratulations Beat Embassy Dynasty

Watch the proposal video


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