The Executive Chairman Of Kanke Hon. Emmanuel Lar Revamps The Glory of Ngas Art.

The Executive Chairman of Kanke Local Government Council has taken his developmental strides to Revamping the lost glory of all Ngas art materials that are of economic advantage to the people. As a representative of his people, the RONG people that are known with NZWAL NCHIP have been selected by the Executive Chairman and his council members as the representative owners of the trade to train five youths from RONG for three months and later develop it into a skills acquisition program.

The details of the process are as follows:
1< Peeling of The Baobab tree (3weeks)
2< Processing (fibre) (2weeks)
3< Twisting (2weeks)
4< Processing 2 (dying) 2weeks
5< Weaving (2weeks)
6< Practical continues (1week).

The council invited the trainers from RONG during Council meeting today as shown above in the pictures to confirm their readiness to kick start the training immediately. Some form of incentives will be given to the trainers to motivate them to give the trainees the required training that will diversify the handcraft in various forms.

I appeal to NDA and ngas nation as a whole to support the dream and to encourage both the trainers and the trainees and the Council with prayers in order to achieve the objectives of establishing the School in RONG. The training program, under the supervision of the SSA to the Executive Chairman on Tourism and Culture, Hon. Dangme Golen, is to start on Monday, 1st July, 2019.