Music : Drexmiller – Note To N.i [Prod by Gombit]

A brief interview with the songwriter and artist will speak bigger volumes of answers about the possible questions on your mind;

Can you tell us yourself and about your song?

” I am Koplama Lamka Emmanuel, I am a Christian, I am a rapper a very real one, known by most people as Drex-miller.

Note to N.I is a song I wrote carefully and bid by bid, with the aim of encouraging myself first.
I looked up to N.I and many others and felt strong and motivated to be vocal about my faith in my arts no matter how it sounds. Suddenly I turned both sideways to see less motivation. Anytime I think of quitting, I console myself with a pen and paper writing a letter. And it continued little by little till it formed a content.
The closest person I looked at when I was starting was N.I and so I decided to reach out to him. The reason being; he’s the most assured person to get the note delivered to, so I designed the 2nd verse using the little I knew about him and how I felt about the whole thing!
The song is totally a love song!!
I dedicate it to other folks around the world who need to hear the same thing, and to all lovers of good music.
Thanks for having me
Drex-miller! ”

Guess y’all had a good time reading his blueprint?
Please download the song and spread the word