There Is So Much To Be Done For Us” [Comr. Kenji Isaac Wadak On PYC]

It is past time we as youths sit down and watch our generation forced to accept what is given us as satisfactorily enough. With the place of the Nigerian youths today, if we are satisfied then we have FAILED as a people.

We need for us to step up our living to the point where we are able to identify and ensure mandate is given to whom will return POWER to the youths.
Looking back to leadership in Nigeria when it was younger, we had the younger generation then in policy making and implementation which led to the togetherness and greatness achieved to a point; we ought to have a better state to live in today, but WHAT happened?
WHO did this to us and HOW did we get here?
There is so much to be done for Plateau youths, The Plateau Youth Council (PYC) is the spring ball, so therefore BE THE PROCESS THAT WILL PRODUCE THE NEXT TEAM to pilot affairs that concerns you and I.
There is a dying need to hand over a better state that will be a reflection of our strive today towards a decent state.
We must rise up to the challenge we are faced with, to end a brief life.

N/B-There is no distinction between any tribe and religion on the Plateau and FINALLY There is just me and you to effect the desired change; THE MORE WE ARE TOGETHER__

LongLiveNigerian youths!!

Kenji Isaac Wadak
23rd Jan;2020

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